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Before, individuals select the invasive Strip method which leaves a lasting, agonizing unsightly scar because it takes away a strip of skin from the back of the head. Any of these won’t take place in the FUE method. The FUE hair transplant method provides a clean, professional result because it uses tools with a diameter of less than one millimeter. In addition, the method doesn’t need creating any special holes just like what the basic strip procedure involves. Instead, the attending specialist implants the individual hair follicles straight into the thinning regions.

fue hair transplant london reviewsTo be able to have totally natural results, hair follicles are transplanted which produce hair of the same texture, quality and thickness as the present ones. Particular attention is given to the exact angle, direction and density of each hair follicle to develop a realistic pattern. The aspects of symmetry and proportionality combined with the other features of the individual are always taken into consideration first before achieving the final look as the result will last a lifetime.

The IQ software program adapts all measurements and present comparative pictures "before and after" a FUE hair transplant, leaving no room for doubts concerning the number of generated hair follicles. In the event that the reemergence of a few hair follicles has failed (in addition to a small 5% natural deviation, the Guarantee per follicle policy enables the patient to claim a free additional FUE hair transplant.

Hair transplantation has become minimally invasive since the creation of the latest contemporary Follicular Unit Extraction (fue hair transplant london (look at this now)) method that does not involve stitches, scars, and also pain. The outdated Strip method provides the needed results however they leave a huge, painful scar on the back of the head (donor area) right after utilizing a scalpel and so on. None of these happen with the FUE method. FUE involves sophisticated tools to extract individual hair follicles instead of skin strips and transfer them in to the impacted areas (recipient area). This technique provides a completely natural result by making better use of the donor area and also it allows quick recovery.

It is worth noting that with IQ FUE, the survival and quality of the hair follicles is improved by the state-of-the-art cutting-edge Plasma Rich Plasma treatment, PRP). The regenerative properties of enriched plasma makes it one of a kind. While the implantation has still not started, this kind of plasma is centrifuged to remove red blood cells. This is a good way to improve the grafts and enhance their viability in order to maximize their survival. The recipient area will receive PRP infusions to prepare the tissues for "accommodating" the new hair follicles. The donor area will also undertake such infusions to achieve swifter healing.

People who complete the hair transplantation might take a special treatment against edema (fluid retention) so they can return to daily activities right away. Since professionals use tools with a diameter of less than 1 millimeter in conducting a hair transplant, the process will not leave any mark.

Regarding the improvement of hair density, it is worth noting that the most cutting-edge procedure is IQ FUE, which offers a fantastic visual effect and even a guarantee of the number of hair follicles that will survive and re-emerge in the thinning regions.

Whether you suffer from hair thinning that is triggered by an injury, scar, burn, or hormonal problems, or is congenital, it is ideal to treat the affected area with hair transplants. Aside from being painless, the technique involves an almost immediate recovery. The new cutting-edge FUE hair transplant method is the most sophisticated technique for restoring hair growth to the desired parts of the body and face. This is a minimally invasive method that entails extraction of individual hair follicles commonly from an occipital region of the scalp. The thinning parts will then be filled with hair implantations.

• studies the characteristics of the scalp and hair in the donor and also the recipient area in great detail (the number of hair follicles present, the number of hair per hair follicle, the distance between hair follicles, etc.)

Most notable, nevertheless, based on their statistics is that FUE hair transplants not performed on the scalp but in other regions of the face and body, heightened by 101%, meaning that out from a total of 635,000 hair transplants, around 70,000 were carried out elsewhere on the physique! Also according to the ISHRS’s report, FUE hair transplant treatment solution has also did wonders to males (11%) and females (21%) who wished to hide a scar and also to restore the normal density of their eyebrows and beards.

The IQ FUE hair transplant process is based on the examination of the trichoscopy, which analyses all the characteristics of the scalp with the aid of a specialized software program (IQ software) and all hair transplants are planned in great detail. Hair follicles are assured to be protected from any damages during transplantation.

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