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You read screenplay대본 for the first time, what did you think?


Thought that I have the most is 'who is the protagonist??'

생각했어요. '누가 주인공'일까를 가장 많이 생각했어요


So my son whi is holding up the rock over there

그래서 저 돌을 들고 있는 아들이


Has a little bit more screen time than I do in the film.

아주 근소한 차이로 저보다 분량이 조금 많은데


He's been going around saying he is a main character, main protagonist


You've already seen the film, who is main progonist, it's him.


Preparing shoot the finale, the last scene and actually filming last scene


what was it like for you in the cast? 

촬영 마지막은 어땠나요?


So, We actually shot the party sequence on the hottest day of the year.


It was over 40 degrees Celsius.


It was difficult to breathe, sun was so strong


So all that was going in my mind was we need to shoot this fast I wanna go home right away.


My favorite scene is love scene on the sofa between the rich couple.


Were you on the floor whole time? 

계속 바닥에 (엎드려) 있었지요?


Actually one of scenes between two of you I love is When you were sort of playing "take down original housekeeper"


And you were overacting and your son directed you.


Cause It's not easy to act bad.


Actor who played "ki woo" choi woo sik 


He actually had a difficult time with that scene.


Because he felt very starnage teaching him Mr.Song.


You know, He's older senior actor about acting.


That's something that I remember.


Best part being famous in america?

유명해서 좋은점은?


Is that a question? 질문인거죠?


best part is a free food.


But with Parasite, I hope you guys don't misunderstand something. 

You know, I hope you guys watch this movie and assume that all Korean actors look that way

이렇게 생겼나 라는 거에요


For some reason, this film features very strangely-looking Korean actors but that's just a huge misunderstanding. 


In Korea, we have 50 Jude Laws, 50 Brad Pitts, always wating to be on screen.

촬영대기하고 있습니다.


So unlike other film directors, director Bong, very often demonstrates the performance for the actors

So as actors, only have to do is to follow his demonstration, very natural and easy


We just kine of drand and hang out.


We talke about catering every day. 만나면 매일 먹는 것만 얘기해요.


There is just like mutual trust.


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